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My name is Vika Shapkina ✌️
creativity and copywriting

Vika Shapkina
c & c enthusiast
I have worked in advertising agencies: Havas Digital Kyiv, Liquid 7, Isobar Ukraine, and Twiga Ukraine.

I have helped craft campaigns for Pepsi, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, Nutrimed, Henkel, Philips, Durex, Kotex, Renault, Nescafe, Lay's, Sadochok, and many others.
The Biggest Wave of Divorces in Ukraine
Publications in media (organic): Vector, ТСН, Слово і діло, Вікна, Sostav, Informator.
Awards: 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 shortlists Effie Awards
The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has adopted a law that prohibits supermarkets and catering establishments from distributing plastic bags. The law takes effect in 2022, so we need to reach out to the public to communicate how to prepare for the new "less plastic" reality.

People are interested in news about celebrities' private lives, but not so much not about environmental ones. The crazy popularity of the show "The Bachelor" in Ukraine proves it. We built our idea on that attractive field and launched an all-Ukrainian flashmob of divorces with Plastic Bag, for which we created profiles on social networks.
The flashmob of divorce with Plastic Bag was supported by more than 120 opinion leaders and reached 12 million subscribers. As a result, we had more than 10,000 flashmob participants and more than 300,000 reactions — likes, comments, and shares. Without paid promotion, only organic and earned media.

This is the personality of our Plastic Bag in social media: in facebook and instagram.

What if the World ended Tomorrow? Commercial for "Anxiomedin"

Anxiomedin is a medicine that helps to heal anxiety. The market for sedatives and anti-anxiety drugs is saturated in Ukraine. Competitors focused mainly on areas of stress and irritability, and communications emphasize the treatment of stress symptoms. They show mainly boiling points — breakdowns, nervousness at work, at home.

We decided to look at the problem from a different angle and focus on the moment that precedes the extreme explosion of emotions. It's about anxiety and its popular manifestation, self-winding, which became the idea of the video. And to convey the tension that a person feels during anxiety, we shot the commercial in the style of a psychological thriller.

Magic of Four Essential Oils Commercial for Zirka
Zirka is an inhalant stick that helps to heal a running nose disease. It has four components that act naturally: eucalyptus, carnation, covers, and mint.
We decided to emphasize this unique feature in the commercial and showed each component like a shaman that heals disease away.
Eat this Playlist: hijack campaign Pepsi on Spotify
In summer 2020, Spotify finally launched in Ukraine. We welcomed it with delicious playlists from Pepsi. People could get a recipe of traditional Ukrainian cuisine by reading each track-by-track listing. This approach combined Pepsi's music background and their strategy of getting the food territory.
Series of posters include musical dumplings, galushki, and famous Kyiv cutlet so while quarantine has made it difficult to taste Ukrainian cuisine, you can still listen to it.

Campaign went viral through many media outlets, we got publications on AdsoftheWorld, BestAdsOnTv, CasesMedia, Campaignsoftheworld, thematic Telegram groups, podcasts, and got 2 Bronze Effie Awards.
Pepsi Music Star. Digital Talent Show on Instagram
Pepsi has a powerful connection to music. Michael Jackson danced in the brand’s commercials. Britney Spears, along with Beyonce, Pink, and Enrique made a cult anthem in the early-aughts commercial. Freddie Mercury liked to bet on his concert piano a glass of Pepsi. In Ukraine 10 years ago, the brand together with the young group at that time THE HARDKISS were looking for talents in the project Pepsi Stars of Now.

This time we changed the format of the show and named it Pepsi Music Star, and for the first time launched it exclusively on the Instagram platform. This format was challenging because of the video time limitation of 60 seconds and other format restrictions. The winner gets producing of The HARDKISS, ЕР recording, shooting of the video clip and live performance on the biggest scene in Ukraine, Olympic Stadium, opening the concert of the mentors.

Talent show consists of four stages: recording video covers, online interviews, creative tasks, jam sessions. Applications for participation were submitted by 1000 people without a promo. We had dozens of celebrities announce and engage with the project on social networks.
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